RVs Get Top Billing for Summer Family Travel

With gas prices on the rise, airlines and other travel prices are sure to increase. Prices won’t stop the predicted 42 million Americans from hitting the road this summer, kicking off Memorial Day Weekend as our first big extended weekend.

Traveling in an RV has been designated as one of the most economical ways of traveling, according to Gigi Stetler, owner of RV Sales of Broward in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

“Not only is RV travel economical, but it brings families closer together for those priceless bonding moments,” Stetler says. “Traveling in an RV gives you all the comforts of home – sleeping in your own bedding is such a relief.”

Do the math: plane tickets for a family of four costs thousands of dollars. Add on the hotels, rental car and incidentals and you’re looking at tens of thousands of dollars for a family vacation. The cost of an RV rental could be as low as $250 per day plus gas—and the good news about gas is that while prices are rising, gas is still way below 2008’s all-time high of $4.11 per gallon.

For the true road warriors, an RV rental club like Stetler’s RV Fun Club is an ideal way to check off your bucket list items without breaking into your 401K. RV Fun Club is a vacation club on wheels, a literally mobile experience. With access to exclusive RV models–pop ups, travel trailers, 5th wheels, toy haulers and 45-foot luxe motor homes–mobile bookings, easy pickups and drop-offs, you get the best of the RV lifestyle without the maintenance and acquisition costs. 

Choose from two membership plans: The Open Road Membership includes standard motor home use in 3-day increments providing up to 4-preferred reservations at once. You’ll get 500 free miles per 3 days and pay a per mile fee for extra miles. You can also book 4 consecutive reservations at once time per year, giving you a 12-day road trip. This package is available at a cost of $6,000 onetime fee and $149 per month.                 

High rollers may want to consider the Platinum Membership which includes access to Class-A luxury buses, RVs available for use in 3-day increments providing up to four preferred reservations, a 12-day holiday once a year and 500 free miles per 3 days plus a per mile fee for extra miles. This package is available at a one-time fee of $16.00 and $199 per month.

There’s an RV for everyone. Whatever your interests, wherever you want to explore, whomever you want to take along – an RV is the best way to travel, according to the Go RVing Coalition. Go RVing® works to provide the public with general information about the benefits of RV travel and camping and to foster customer satisfaction with the RV experience.Check out some of the top reasons to Go RVing:

1.) Being in the outdoors: cooking/sightseeing, hiking, etc.

2.) Plenty of room to stow all your gear

3.) Bring your pets along

4.) Fill the cabinets and fridge with foods and snacks you want to eat and whenever you want to.

5.) Available to rent first to try the lifestyle before purchasing

Visit GoRVing.com for information on how to get started, how to choose the RV that’s right for you , where to go, what to bring and > MORE


  1. “Traveling in an RV gives you all the comforts of home – sleeping in your own bedding is such a relief.” – and i also i agree with you! good article!

  2. I never considered purchasing an RV but after comparing the expenses… My friend Rick is an RV enthusiast and I’m starting to undersatnd him a bit more now. Great article 🙂

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