People To See: Daniel DiMaggio

Cementing his role on screens nationwide with his breakout performance on ABC's "American Housewife", Daniel DiMaggio is a teen star holding his own by delivering sidesplitting comedy, scene after scene.

DiMaggio stars as the witty, self-assured, smart beyond his years and honestly speaking, a bit of a disciplined capitalist, ‘Oliver Otto’, in a suburban family that’s ended up in a pompous Connecticut neighborhood. With every move they make, the family prove that they don’t belong and have no intentions of fitting into the cookie-cutter perfect family scenario, and instead forge their own path. Also staring Katy Mixon, Diedrich Bader, Ali Wong & Meg Donnelly, “American Housewife” returns to ABC on Wednesday, September 26th at 8:30 p.m. sandwiched between two of ABC’s other famed sitcoms, “The Goldbergs” and “Modern Family.”

 At an early age, DiMaggio discovered a natural allure to acting and started his career in a Honda commercial at 8 years old. He would later go on to act in more commercials, guest star roles including playing a young Superman in CW’s “Supergirl”, and a young Michael Westen in USA’s “Burn Notice”. A career in acting came of no surprise to his parents, both Hollywood veterans themselves, who first exposed Daniel to the craft while he was still in diapers accompanying them to sets. When the opportunity of a lifetime came to star as a series regular in ABC’s new half-hour comedy, the move felt organic, a perfect fit for a young actor to show his acting prowess through a series of comedic highs and dramatic turns. Though his career is off to skyrocketing success, Daniel remains humble and hopes to continue acting for years to come.

Though he may be entering his third season of the powerhouse comedy, at home Daniel is a typical 15-year-old boy and keeps a high interest in his favorite sports teams while maintaining straight A’s. He also recently completed his first LA Marathon, and with the acting world at his feet, nothing can slow this young star down.

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