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The National Park Foundation

Has Announced

“Pic Your Park Instagram Contest”

Participants rack up points by using #PicYourParkContest in their Instagram posts. As people visit more parks, they receive more points, and can gain extra points for posting photos at less-visited parks. All 417 parks in the National Park System are included, as are national trails, national heritage areas, and more. To collect points, and in order to be selected and contacted for prize redemption, all participants must have a public profile on Instagram. A full list of prizes, rules, a leaderboard, and instructions about how to participate is available online. > CLICK HERE

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Ozarks Weekend Getaway Sweepstakes

We’re celebrating summer in the Ozarks and throughout the month of June, we’re offering an incredible prize package that we’re calling The Ozarks Weekend Getaway. Enter to win today!  > CLICK HERE

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    • Norman Reed says:

      Thank You for your interest. Please click on the picture and follow the instructions listed to sign up.

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