Post Covid-19 RV Camping 101

The best way to get started is to visit, the consumer side of the RV Industry Association. They work with nearly every U.S. RV manufacturer; thousands of RV dealers and rental agencies; and more than 18,000 campgrounds across America. has everything you need in one place to plan your summer adventure:

  • Where to rent an RV & how much it costs
  • Dealerships near you and the different types of RVs for every lifestyle
  • A search engine of more than 18,000 campgrounds ranging from luxury to rustic, family-friendly to seniors only, pet friendly, beaches, mountains, wineries, adventure-focused and everything in between
  • What to pack from home and what to buy on the road or at the campground
  • Tailgating tips, road trip games, sample menus and stories from fellow RV campers to help you with your trip!

During the COVID-19 crisis, RVing continues to be the best alternative to traditional vacation options, especially in a time when the emotional and health-aspects of travel play a significant role.

Reasons given for the increase in RV travel:

  • Continue to social distance and still be on a vacation
  • Control the comfort level and cleanliness of your environment
  • Bring all the items you want from home (linens, toys, bikes, etc.)
  • Allow children to play outdoors after months of being sheltered at home
  • Detach from technology & connect with nature
  • Control what you eat and when without having to go to a restaurant
  • Bring your pets with you (they’ve gotten use to you being home 24/7)!
  • Continue to strengthen family bonds
  • Low gas prices makes RV camping appealing
  • Having your own space, bathroom, amenities allows for limited contact with others

Facts & Stats with Sources:

RV Industry Association & Ipsos Survey on Covid-19 & Vacation Trends:

  • Cherry Hill Park, photographed 29 June 2018 in College Park MD.

    46 Million Americans will go RV camping this year

  • 26% of 18-34-year-olds want to go RVing this year
  • RV travel bested all other options including tent camping, cruising; car & hotel stay and air & hotel stay.

RV Dealers Association:

Dealers nationwide are reporting anywhere from a 90% to 600% jump in sales since the shutdown, with many of their clients being first time RV buyers.


Rentals are up 300% from this time last year – while some RV rental dealers are showing a 600% increase!


Kampgrounds of America (KOA) Covid-19 Survey:

  • 32% of leisure travelers who’ve never camped before want to try RVing
  • 70% said that they plan to camp close to home
  • 68% are willing to travel to less popular locations to avoid overcrowding


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