People to See: In Middletown

Playwright Dan Clancy's newest production starring Didi Conn (Frenchy in "Grease"); Sandy Duncan (Peter in "Peter Pan"); Donny Most (Ralph Malph in "Happy Days"); and Adrian Zmed (Romano in "T.J. Hooker")

You only have until April 4, 2021, to view this new play featured on the OVERTURE+streaming platform. The unique performance is a simple conversation without scenery or props and focuses strictly on the intertwining lives of two couples. They discuss the highs and lows of life as they review their past regarding love, life, and friendship.

At first, one might feel the play may be too simple with only a chair and stand to hold their script. Is this actually going to keep my interest? However, the excellent dialogue and acting skills of each performer takes the stage by horns and owns it. The viewer is sure to lose all interest in any absent details because the conversation quickly become the focal point. Wrapped up in the down-to-earth descriptions of their memories, you will be on the edge of your own seat waiting the outcome of a reenacted memory describing the husband cheating on his wife. Will time heal? Or do they split? You must watch the play to find out.

Tickets are only $25 per viewing – much more affordable than attending the play off-Broadway. Amother advantage is you can choose your own intermissions for snack breaks with the PAUSE button. OVERTURE+ is a revolutionary streaming platform that allows producers and presenters to collaboratively share world-class performing arts entertainment with consumers around the world. With more than 150 performing arts clients currently streaming on the platform, this industry-leading technology allows presenters to stream content securely, safely and strengthen relationships with their patrons.

This is a funny, compelling, and heartfelt conversation about friendships that have gone through challenges, change, and growing older in life.


For tickets, go online here:

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