Fly down a coaster with the wind in your hair

HERSHYPARK –  13 roller coasters will be racing over the tracks with car loads of screaming fans.  Not sure you’re a coaster lover? Hersheypark can help you out. Start your coaster journey on Cocoa Cruiser, designed for younger guests and coaster novices. Work your way up the “thrill” meter and try Trailblazer and Comet. Once you have your coaster “cred,” you can tackle the most extreme Hersheypark coaster and “Ride The Edge on Skyrush!”

DUTCH WONDERLAND – Join Merlin on a high-flying adventure in search of his dragon friend, Mayhem, who has disappeared into the park. Once you board the ride, Merlin will begin giving clues and encouragement through on-board audio within the seats. Merlin’s Mayhem will be the tallest ride located at Dutch Wonderland, featuring a 60-foot rise to the top, along with two helix turns.

IDLEWILD PARK/SOAKZONE – Nostalgia lovers will have all the fun along the Chestnut Ridge! This park sells the lowest price family day passes around. Built in 1938, their wooden “Rollo Coaster” was named a Classic Coaster by the American Coaster Enthusiasts. Continue your family vacation with outdoor fun and a stay in a yurt or cabin at nearby Yellow Creek State Park. With its beautiful beach, scenic lake and variety of boat rentals, relaxation never felt so good!

 SESAME PLACE – Hold on tight, kids! Sesame Place is a haven for the youngest adventures who are seeking a thrill! Check out one of its various children’s thrill rides, such as Blast Off or Peek-A-Bug. However, the main attraction is the steel roller-coaster, Vapor Trail. This coaster takes you on a one-of-a-kind twisting and turning mission through the solar system along with Super Grover. It is perfect for first-time coaster riders and even for those who are children at heart.

WALDAMEER WATERWORLD – In Erie, Ravine Flyer II is a hybrid wooden roller coaster ranked as the best new ride of 2008 by Amusement Today Magazine. The most exciting one and a half minutes of your day, the Ravine Flyer II is ranked the 7th-Best Wooden Coaster in the world and will fly you through the track at speeds of over 60 MPH! The steel support structure boasts a 120-foot first drop and over 3000 feet of track, all combined with six tunnels and a 165-foot arched bridge that sends you soaring over a four-lane highway. After taking a ride on this roller coaster, cool off at the new “The Battle of Lake Erie” water complex!