White Water Raftng and Kayaking

Orange Torpedo Trips has been providing whitewater rafting adventures on the Rogue River, Salmon River, Klamath River, and North Umpqua River for over four decades. Founded in 1969, they have been taking people down these exciting Oregon, Idaho, and California rivers ever since. For the adventurous, their unique custom-designed and time-tested guiding style gives you the opportunity to learn how to paddle your own inflatable kayak down the famous rivers of the Northwest like the Rogue and Main Salmon. If you really want to get into the water for something new and exciting try river boarding. Orange Torpedo Trips Voted one of The Best Adventure Travel Companies by National Geographic Adventure for its sustainability, quality of service, spirit of adventure and overall client satisfaction.  >MORE

Head to the Coast to watch migrating whales

While whales may be seen along the coast any time of year, the peak season is when the whales are headed to their feeding grounds in Alaska from March through June. Depoe Bay is known as the whale-watching capital of the state. Start by visiting the Whale Watching Center where staff members will be standing by to answer questions and point out perfect whale watching places. Then find a front-row seat along the coast at any one of several observation points. Approximately 19,000 of these magnificent mammals make their way past the Oregon Coast on a 12,000-mile journey from Baja, Mexico, to the their summer feeding grounds in the Bering Sea.