Ravenwood Castle

NEW PLYMOUTH – This modern structure, completed in 1995, was designed to resemble 12th century castles on the border between England and Wales. As a medieval-themed hotel, the rooms are decorated in the same medieval style with fireplaces, fake stone walls, and antique furniture. There are some modern features like whirlpool tubs and kitchenettes. The main structure consists of seven luxury rooms, with cabins, cottages, and “gypsy wagons” nearby on the premises. If you like mysteries, make reservations for Feb. 1-2 to experience “Death By R.A.V.E.N. >MORE

Winter at the The Wilds

COLUMBUS – Get a truly unique persepective when you take a Winter at The Wilds Tour for up-close interactions with the animals given by the Wilds animal management staff. Bring your camera for this exclusive, one-of-a-kind safare – where you will have an opportunity to see giraffes and baby rhinos. This tour takes guests both into pasture and behind the scenes to view the animals in their winter habitat where you will also learn about special winter enrichment activities to keep the anmimals entertained. Please dress appropriately – comfortable footwear and casual clothing as there will be some walking invloved. (Closed – toe shoes are required. Gen. Admission is $125. >MORE

Edison’s Secret Lab

Thru May, 2019/POWELL – Edison was well known for his brilliance and his inventions, but most did not know know his secrets. You have just discovered his secret laboratory where he conducted secret experiments. As you explore you accidentally set off a trap that lock you in the lab. Now you must learn the technology Edison created and use it to escape. Do you have what it take? Are a match for Edison’s smarts? Only time will tell and that time is just 1 hour. Excape Columbus Escape Rooms is a premier escape room with a twist in each scenario. You and your team will have up to 60 minutes to work through the game and solve clues and puzzles to complete each room’s objective. Depending on the room you pick you get to be either an Area 51 Scientist, an Egyptologist, or a knight in King Arthur’s court. Our escape rooms are great for family outings, a night out with friends and even team building with your coworkers. >MORE