Columbus Zoo & Aquarium

 COLUMBUS – Reopening June 15. The Columbus Zoo & Aquarium is one of the largest zoos in the country, thanks in part to having multiple attractions. Keep both kids and parents happy thanks to their mix of exhibits, rides, and animal encounters. In addition to the zoo and aquarium visitors can also go to a waterpark or play golf. 4850 Powell Road, Powell, Ohio https://www.columbuszoo.org/

Brews-N-Vines Trail

ST. MARYS – Do you enjoy trying locally crafted beer, wine and coffee creations? If so, the Grand Lake Brews-N-Vines Trail was designed for you. The participating locations in west central Ohio are locally-owned and offer a friendly atmosphere and great hospitality along with delicious beverages.  You will also find many of them host special events and often feature musical entertainment to make enjoying that pint, glass or mug a great experience.  Some of the venues are also offering incentives and discounts available with your passport. Sign up at Explore.Seemore.org and download your free digital passport today

The campus of Ohio University and The Ridges

ATHENS – The Ohio University is considered one of America’s most haunted college campuses. And why shouldn’t it be? It’s located in one of Ohio’s most haunted cities. Several residence hall rooms and other buildings on campus are said to be haunted. Wilson Hall, Washington Hall and Jefferson Hall are some of the most haunted buildings on campus. What was once the Athens Lunatic Asylum is now owned by (and a neighbor) Ohio University, but parts of the facility still hold shadows, stains, and spirits of former mental patients who often suffered from violent treatments such as lobotomies. The grounds of the former asylum are still home to a few unusual—and extremely eerie—cemeteries. Patients of the former insane asylum were buried on the facility’s grounds, and their restless spirits are left to wander to property. Most of the graves are without names, and merely display the number of the former mental patient buried beneath.

Lake Erie Bluffs

Hoping to catch a sunset during your road trip? Look no further than the Lake Erie Bluffs. With the easy access to the beach, and a 50-foot observation tower you can decide how you want to experience a sunset over the water. All the trails here are relatively short, but I’d suggest the Eagle View Loop Trail which brings you to the observation tower. For more views of the lake, try the Shoreline Trail. Between those two trails, you’ll get about a mile of hiking in, perfect for a quick stop along the way! A quick detour will get you to a plethora of wineries. Good wine, delicious food and beautiful views on the patio can all be found at Laurentia Winery. For a unique experience, try the South River Winery which is known to many as the “church” winery because it is housed in a century-old church with the original stain glass still intact.