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No Leading Lady

No Leading Lady

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You could try converting the input string to float (that would take care of removing leading zeros and the dot without zero, as well adding ". The second non-capturing group is needed to make combined "decimal point and fractional digit" pattern optional. Historical environmental variation during the Quaternary glaciations had a major role in shaping patterns of genetic structure and diversity in both terrestrial and marine environments (Hewitt, 2000).

People were put off by it having no leading lady (one of the reasons for the autobiography’s title) and by believing, in the mid-1920s, that no audience had an appetite for being taken back to the trenches. Genetic structure of harbor porpoises in the North Atlantic and Black Sea based on 10 nuclear microsatellite loci. For the mtDNA genetic variation, we estimated nucleotide diversity ( π), Watterson's θ W, and haplotype diversity ( Hd) using DnaSP.Each Affected Entity shall work with NYPA to achieve their allotted portion of the overall savings target for State operations. p. phocoena individuals, as it has been suggested that rerunning STRUCTURE on identified clusters may reveal finer‐scale genetic structuring (Evanno et al. Mitochondrial haplotypes were also deposited on the NCBI–GenBank under the Accession Numbers listed in Table S3. Such 2030 goal shall be aligned with the most recent version of the State’s Scoping Plan developed pursuant the Climate Act. A cryptic lineage (Hap_47) found in West Greenland and distinct from all the others is highlighted in purple.

A. Affected Entities that have jurisdiction over real property shall, where practicable, seek opportunities to enhance the ecological integrity of their real property to support native biodiversity and the NYS Pollinator Protection Plan, protect threatened and endangered species, and increase climate resilience and natural carbon storage. p. phocoena, possibly indicating distinct glacial refugia in the North Atlantic during the LGM; (2) evaluated the postglacial population responses and recolonization routes from the analyses of spatial patterns of genetic variation and whether porpoises recolonized their present range from one or multiple refugia; (3) assessed the impact of environmental changes in the distribution of harbor porpoise by modeling the evolution of suitable habitats at present, during the LGM, and by the year 2050; and (4) analyzed dispersal behaviors at the North Atlantic scale and whether restricted dispersal could generate isolation‐by‐distance patterns as previously reported in NEA (Fontaine et al.Moreover, we investigated the extent of sex‐biased dispersal with strong female philopatry previously suggested in the species (Rosel, France, et al.

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