Cambridge, Guernsey County

Let your spirit roam free - events to discover

Welcome to The “Crossroads of America.” Awaken your spirit of discovery with unforgettable attractions, foodie finds, alluring outdoor destinations, and more. The small town of Cambridge, where the National Road runs through the center of town, offers some big attractions. Tour the National Museum of Cambridge Glass or learn about the significance of the town’s placement along the National Road, early America’s busiest route west, at the National Road and Zane Grey Museum. There are even periodic walking tours called, “Forgotten Places & Spaces of Cambridge” that take you through some of the most historic properties in the area.

The region is home to an amazing vineyard with an even more amazing view! Plan a wine/brew hop through Cambridge and southeast Ohio’s rolling country side to sip and savor a visit to Georgetown Vineyards that sits high atop a scenic ridge overlooking the city of Cambridge and is surrounded by five acres of vineyards. Family owned and operated, the winery specializes in a varied selection of award-winning wines, from dry California styles to sweet Ohio varietals. Wine tastings are offered during normal business hours in the retail shop (Monday through Saturday 11am-8pm). Guests are welcome to explore the grounds and enjoy the view of Cambridge. Order a brick-oven cooked pizza and sip a craft beer from Southside Brewing Co. Many cooking and painting events are offered as well as guest musicians who perform on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Big Foot Sites & Events

Bigfoot. Sasquatch. Yeti. Ohio Grassman. Whatever you choose to call it, it has been rumored to live in Ohio since the mid-1700s. It has also been rumored to live in Ohio’s largest State Park, Salt Fork! Salt Fork State Park campgrounds hosts several Bigfoot events annually. Hike the trail after dark in search of the legendary Bigfoot with Alan and Jesse from Fathom Frontiers. Hear information about Bigfoot sightings at Salt Fork
and other strange events from members of the Ohio Bigfoot Organization. Next summer, Join Sharon Lee, The Bigfoot Field Reporter, and Alan and Jesse from Fathom Frontiers on a four-day, three-night all-inclusive Bigfoot camp out adventure. Primitive camping, hands on training, night investigations and all meals, snacks and drinks provided. Family friendly and no experience required. > Click Here for dates, prices and more information.

Paul Bunyan Show

One of the nation’s largest and oldest forest industry trade shows, The Official Paul Bunyan Showsm, is slated for October 6-8, 2017 at the Guernsey County Fairgrounds located just outside of Cambridge (Old Washington). Visitors to the event will find more than 130 exhibitors who represent all facets of the forest industry throughout North America. There will be chainsaw clinics and demonstrations, a skid steer rodeo, heavy equipment demonstrations and more. To learn more, call 888-388-7337 or visit

Salt Fork

Centrally located in Guernsey County, Salt Fork State Park Lodge offers easy access to fascinating points of interest. The Wilds, an animal conservation sanctuary, is one of the area’s highlights, perfect for day-trips to go mountain biking, birding, ziplining, fishing, or taking an open-air safari. Enjoy a sunset expedition along the rolling hills of southern Ohio as you get up-close to rhino and giraffe in natural outdoor habitats.

Theo’s Restaurant

On the west end of Main Street where hometown cooking like Mom used to make is available daily. Whatever you’re hungry for, Theo’s has it for lunch and dinner! Whether it’s a famous Theo’s Coney Dog, Greek Gyro, Mama’s Lasagna, or Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes, you’ll be happy you stopped by for dinner! Be sure to save time (and room) to relax with a slice of mile-high peach pie for dessert.