Known as The Great Lakes State, the area was first settled by Native American tribes, whose successive cultures occupied the territory for years. Also known as "Pure Michigan," there area Breathtaking landscapes, urban escapes, unique attractions, a wealth of events and festivals and rich culture. So let's get ready to experience them all. 

Find inspiration for your visit on the open road – from scenic routes to rugged trails.

From the sand-covered to the well-traveled. They lead us to the beauty of nature and

the beauty of simple pleasures. The open road is alive and well, and waiting to take us

through the state. Whether you are an urban adventurer or an outdoor enthusiast,

a foodie or a thrill-seeker, traveling with your family or making memories with friends –

you are on the brink of planning a great extended weekend so unique, that it can only be

classified as Pure Michigan! This state is widely known as the center of the U.S.

automotive industry, which developed as a major economic force in the early 20th century.

It is home to the country’s three major automobile companies (whose headquarters are all

within the Detroit metropolitan area).



Places in Michigan

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