Colorado Springs

Stacked with more than 50 things to see, do and explore, the following tours go beyond the boundaries of normal experiences. Pull back the curtain during these extra special, behind-the-scenes stops whether indulging in a sweet factory tour or playing zookeeper for a day.




Founded as a resort town in 1871, Colorado’s second largest city has drawn travelers from around the world for decades offering unrivaled natural beauty, endless blue skies, a mild climate and more than 55 man-made and natural attractions. Home to iconic landmarks such as Pikes Peak – America’s Mountain, Garden of the Gods Park, the U.S. Olympic Training Center and U.S. Air Force Academy, the city and surrounding region is a popular destination for families, outdoor enthusiasts and couples

Tours Offer an Extra-Special Experience

Animal Interaction at America’s Mountain Zoo – From elephants painting to grizzlies playing, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo offers a variety of animal interactions. Choose a favorite species, meet a zoo keeper and take a Safari Trail tour. Get even more hands-on by helping feed, clean and interact with the animals while shadowing a caretaker for an entire day. 

Patsy’s Candy Factory – This sweet spot was founded in 1903 and keeps the time honored tradition of high-quality, hand-crafted confections. Watch the 1940s machinery twist and turn to create popcorn, chocolate and salt water taffy. A tour so sweet, Willy Wonka would be jealous. 

Eye of the Tiger at Serenity Springs – Grab the camera equipment and smartphones to journey through this big cat sanctuary. Capture the beauty of the 16 exotic big cat species that call the place home with a private photography or feeding tour. A guide will find the best spots and provide special access to capture unforgettable memories. 

Train with Olympians – Downtown Colorado Springs proudly displays the rings of the U.S. Olympic Committee. A few miles away, Team USA hopefuls are performing at elite levels to make it to the summer and winter games. Have the VIP experience and tour the grounds, enjoy lunch with an athlete and learn a new sport with an interactive demonstration from those who do it best. 

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